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  • Do we have to pay in advance before starting the project?
    Yes. The amount varies from project to project. It will be already mentioned in the detailed quotation.
  • Can we see any of your built works?
    We can guide you to our projects that are under construction. However, regarding our finished projects, we prefer to respect the clients’ privacy and let you access only the documentation of the projects (photographs or videos of our project available on the internet).
  • What’s the largest project you’ve ever worked on?
    Academic & Administrative Block for MES College, Nedumkandam Project Area: 40,000 sq.ft Project Cost: Rs. 7.5 Crores
  • What style of architecture do you practice?
    We are constantly searching for a language (style) of our own. As of now our designs can be broadly categorized as Contemporary and Minimalistic. But that being said, we also tend deviate from this time to time; based on client requests & preferences.
  • Where can you work?
    Currently our list of completed projects spans across Kerala and Tamil Nadu. We hope to spread out even further in the near future. But for projects where we undertake construction/project management, we limit the location to 50 kms around our office.
  • How can I know more about your quality work & service?
    You can check our website / Instagram to see the latest updates on our ongoing & completed projects. Checking our google reviews is also another viable option. It has loads of honest feedback from our past clients. You will get to know our strong and weak points through these reviews.
  • Can you work with clients long distance?
    Yes we can. NRI clients has always been a significant part of our projects. We can meet & discuss through zoom calls, share design presentations online, share project updates through WhatsApp. Once the floor plans and the design is confirmed, we will co-ordinate the project with the respective contractors on site. The project will be reviewed by us at different stages of construction by periodic site visits. This is how we have been able to complete projects in Trivandrum, Malappuram and Tamil Nadu.
  • If I wish to proceed, what are the details required before designing our project?
    Village Site Survey Sketch Total Station (Digital) Survey in CAD .dwg format. (We would give you instructions on points to be considered during the survey of your site) Details of the Site (We provide a form that needs to be filled up and returned to us by the client) A copy of the Land Deed Document(s) A copy of the Basic Tax Register (BTR from the village office) related to the survey number(s) of your site. A copy of the latest Tax Receipt A copy of the Possession Certificate Any other documents, relevant for the understanding of the context And, of course, detailed Project Requirements
  • Do we need to take an appointment to meet you in your office?
    Yes. We have set aside the morning half of our studio hours purely for designing and it’s in the afternoon half we meet our clients to discuss project-related matters. Hence it is necessary to take an appointment in advance (by mail or phone) so that you can meet us without any waiting.
  • What is your background?
    Design Collab and its team is led by our founder & principal architect Mr. Sufine Gazeeb. He is a graduate in Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) from MES School of Architecture, Kuttippuram. Architect Sufine has been practicing since 2015 and had his first project completed in 2016. Before founding the firm in 2017, he worked as an associate with 2 of the ‘Top 50 listed Architects’ in the country – Ar. Brijesh Shaijal (DAC, Calicut) & Ar. Sebastian Jose (Silpi, Kochi).
  • How long will it take to complete the drawings?
    It varies greatly on the type and scale of the project, hence there’s no easy answer. It clearly depends on the season, the number of projects that we have on the waitlist, etc. But for a rough estimate, our projects would usually take on an average of 3 – 5 months from the design to construction.
  • Where do I begin?
    First, go through the entire FAQ list. Call or email us to get a detailed quote on our services. Talk to our principal architect to clarify all your doubts. Book an appointment for first site visit and discussion. Pay the advance amount as specified on your quote. The design process begins!
  • Do we have to pay for the first site visit?
    Yes. We do charge a nominal fee of Rs.5000 or above for our first site visit if the site is outside Thodupuzha town limits.
  • Do we have to travel down to your office to meet you?
    Ideally, yes. That way you’d get to see how we work. It’s advisable to visit us at least once before we engage in the project. But if you’re out of town or settled abroad, we can get to know each other using zoom as well. No worries.
  • When do you visit the site?
    Once you are clear with our detailed list of services & the design fee quote, let us know your confirmation to proceed. We will set a convenient date of visit within a week.
  • What is Design Collab?
    Design Collab is a team of architects and engineers. We design, build & manage construction projects. Fundamentally an architecture studio by vision, but also a contracting/builder firm by process.
  • What are the scope of services you provide?
    Architecture & Interior Design is our prime focus. We constantly strive to bring in the best designs in the industry. But for projects with appropriate budget and scale, we do Project Management and Construction as well. The best part is that you can choose to opt in/out individually for all the 3 services mentioned above. Which means you can choose us only for the architecture design & go with an external contractor for construction and project management.
  • What time is the best to reach you over the phone?
    You can reach us on any day (except, Sundays and Holidays) between 10:30am – 5:30pm. In case we were unable to attend your call, it may be because we were in a meeting. In such a situation, kindly reach us afterwards or leave a message.
  • Do you design considering vastu?
    Yes & No. Let us explain. Creativity is at its best when we have no boundaries for design freedom. The context, geography, climate, light and wind direction should dictate the project. All our most creative projects that we have ever done is not bound by the rules of vastu. So if given a choice, we would rather not stick to the unconscious rules of vastu. But for those of our valued clients who wish to stick to the fundamentals of vastu, we respect them and we are happy to design within the limits of vastu and its principles.
  • What type of projects do you do?
    Residences are what we are best known for. It is our hottest project segment. But we are also into Commercial and Retail Spaces, Dental Clinics, Office Interiors, Restaurants, Car Showrooms, Academic Institutions, Warehouses, Apartments, Home Renovations & Remodel. Few of our notable projects are mentioned below: MES College, Nedumkandam Dentcare Dental Labs PVT LTD, Muvattupuzha Rinas Dental Clinic, Thodupuzha Le Porotta Restaurant, Thodupuzha Jawan All Car Service, Madakkathanam Royal Cars, Thodupuzha Wilson Apartments, Kakkanad Vagamon Clouds, Vagamon Destine Consultants, Thodupuzha
  • What is the cost of working with you?
    Our architecture design fee varies by project type and scale. Contact us directly for a detailed quote. But for a ballpark figure, heres’ our design and service fees for the fiscal year 2022 - 2023: For Residence: Rs. 200/sq.ft – For Projects under 3000 sq.ft Rs. 250/sq.ft – For Projects above 3000 sq.ft For Interior Design: Rs. 150 – Rs. 200/sq.ft – For Residence / Renovation Rs. 150 – Rs. 200/sq.ft – For Commercial Interior For Commercial Design: Rs. 25 – Rs. 50/sq.ft – For Commercial Buildings Rs. 25 – Rs. 50/sq.ft – For Apartments
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