Wadi Al Swani Resort, Libya

The resort is designed as a Citadel. This strong and easily identifiable character such as a city or palace in the desert was in response to the extreme climate, stark landscape and surroundings views to the sea. Behind the resort walls are an interpretation of the traditional Libyan water courtyards. This would create a sophisticated character and a modern palette of materials set around interlinking water courtyards and a very wide range of amenities.

The underlying theme for the resort landscape is aimed at enhancing and integrating the natural Libyan landscape into the guest experience. This experience will form a transition from the wider rugged desert environment to a richer, greener and cooler landscape within.

The villa layouts for the Citadel theme, provides a more contained cluster that benefits from closer proximity to resort, sea views and heritage features. Within the ‘clusters’ of villas, smaller garden plots with high walls create privacy and a more manageable landscape for the investor. Walls are used to protect the gardens and a series of Libyan style courtyards are created among the villa complex to encourage communal meeting areas etc.

This project was completed while under the auspices of Chris Blandford & Associates, London.

Project Ariel View

Central Courtyard Water Feature

Walled Garden View

Family Pool

Family Pool Plan

Adult Pool

Adult Pool Design Presentation

Adult Pool Plan

Villa Design

Villa Cluster Plan

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Central Courtyard Water Feature