National War Memorial

The memorial starts as a wall, separating the landscape from the intervention proposed. This wall along with the perimeter water-body creates a sense of it being impregnable, acting as a shield protecting the experience within. It represents our borders controlling and checking the forces antagonistic to our nations sovereignty. As one steps inside, it becomes obvious that within the rigidness of this border, lies a journey where one explores the cost of freedom expressed in the currency of sacrifice, loss and human achievement. These repose of these monolithic walls convey the ephemerality of life, the fading of memory and impermanence of recollection.Water which starts as a trickle as you enter from the corners of this memorial becomes a roar with it falling down the walls from grade and then becomes gentle and calm as you near the central memorial space designed as the OAT. The walls also act as a time capsules containing information of the various wars independent India has been in. Information transitions from the temporary to the permanent culminating in an ordered system of commemorating at the Pool of Reflection.

Schematic Proposal

The design of the memorial is envisaged as a experiential space cut into the lawn that starts at grade and slopes downwards to -6m travelling under one of the radiating roads and then again climbing up to grade. The site slopes down in lawn 3 & partially on 2 and emerges on grade in lawn 2 north side. Lawn 1, due to the density of planting this expression is on grade. The majority of the experience is at the -6m level with the occasional bridges and the OAT coming up to +1.0m & +1.5m respectively where one has a visual connect with the India Gate.The perimeter of the site is demarcated by a reflecting pool which frames the curved sheer walls that contain the memorial.There are 4 points of regulated entry at grade to the site and one can exit the site from various other points via staircases & elevators. 

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