11 Mountain Villas

Designed as a summer getaway for a group of officers and their families, this project is an exercise in optimization of resources whilst maximizing opportunities. Located in the salubrious woods of Lansdowne, nestled in pine, the site measures about 0.6 of an acre with steep slopes and fantastic views. Our planning of the 11 villas on site, carefully orients each villa to look over the other. Each villas is about 100 sqm of area with a single bedroom unit on the ground and a single suite on the first. 

Designed with cavity wall construction and an exposed brick outer skin, each villa looks over the valley in front. Natural terraces have been preserved to create paths that connect the villas. One has tried to re-use the rock from the excavation to create retaining walls and in the landscape.


This project is in its final stages of completion.


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