ArtSastra Art Gallery | Modern Art Gallery

Located in the heart of New Delhi, AstSastra is a gallery designed for visual, performing and digital art, this gallery located in south of New Delhi, is spread over 6500sft. With the use of intelligent lighting, moving glass walls and fabric screens, this gallery modulates volume to cater to the need of the artist and artwork.

This one of a kind gallery is divided pro-grammatically into four distinct zones namely the ‘crafts area', ‘visual gallery', ‘digital gallery' and the ‘installation gallery'. These spaces overlap and blur into each other only divided and defined by their artistic occupants. 

The lighting system in this gallery is addressable and allows the artist to create lighting scenes according to his/her need to highlight the artwork, may that be a painting on the wall or a piece of sculpture. The architecture of the ceiling also incorporates lighting baffles that eliminate glare from these high CRI light fixtures. These pre-set lighting scenes are triggered with the use of occupancy/PIR sensors thereby saving energy.



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